Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Muskoka & Georgian Bay lies Oak Bay Golf Club, a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience. Set against a backdrop of natural splendor, the course is a testament to exquisite design, offering an exhilarating play for all levels of golfers.

This esteemed membership grants access to a meticulously designed course that harmonizes seamlessly with the rugged surroundings, featuring a layout that enchants players with an array of challenges. Each hole, framed by the stunning Georgian Bay shoreline, presents a distinct adventure, from rocky outcroppings to dense forested enclaves, ensuring an exhilarating and serene round every visit.

Members relish 18 holes per day, embracing the opportunity to refine their skills amidst the stunning course. The flexibility of 14-day advanced tee time bookings allows for effortless planning without restrictions, accommodating the varied schedules of passionate golfers.

Exclusive benefits await, including a 20% discount on Pro Shop apparel, perfect for upgrading golfing attire. Share the Oak Bay experience with guests by offering a 20% discount on applicable green fees. The Member Cart Rate of $15 per rider and the optional $750 seasonal cart plan further enhance the golfing journey.

At Oak Bay Golf Club, membership transcends mere golfing privileges. It’s an invitation to a community of golf enthusiasts, where exceptional service meets a passion for the game. Join us and immerse yourself in the splendor of Muskoka while savoring the grandeur of Georgian Bay, as Oak Bay Golf Club redefines the essence of exclusive golfing experiences.

2024 Golf Membership Pricing

Full Membership

7 days per week access

Full Spousal Membership

7 days per week access

Weekday Membership

Mon-Thu access excluding holidays

Weekday Spousal Membership

Mon-Thu access excluding holidays
Membership ApplicationGreen Fee Packs

Carts are not included in the membership fee. Without the seasonal cart plan ($750), carts are charged at $15 per rider.

All membership fees are subject to HST and can change without notice. Equal payment plans consisting of four equal payments are available. Billed on the 15th of each month from January through April ($100.00 plus HST & administration fee per member will be added to the total).