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“A fun golf course with enough teeth to present a good challenge,” wrote SCOREGolf editor Jason Logan when reviewing Oak Bay soon after it opened. That’s still the case today—but Oak Bay has evolved with the passing years and is now better than ever.

Oak Bay is a natural marvel—a golf course that seamlessly fits with its environment. That means some holes with rocky outcroppings, indicative of the rough terrain of both the surrounding Georgian Bay shorelines and Muskoka areas. Water protects some holes, while others are made more intimate by being cut out of dense forests of trees. Known for its impeccable conditioning, most of all Oak Bay is a delight to play. Long enough to challenge the best players, but fun for those seeking to escape for a day on the course, Oak Bay never fails to thrill. SCOREGolf, among others, praised Oak Bay’s incredible mix of par-three holes, noting, “the 6th is a get-your-camera-out hole. It plays 170 yards at its longest and traverses a hazard to an imposing, multi-tiered green set high on a steep rock face.” SCOREGolf isn’t alone in its praise; the 6th has been heralded by the Globe and Mail as one of the best holes in Canada.


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PAR 4 - 427 Yards

PAR 4 - 384 Yards

PAR 4 - 367 Yards

PAR 4 - 430 Yards

PAR 4 - 270 Yards

PAR 3 - 167 Yards

PAR 5 - 461 Yards

PAR 3 - 195 Yards

PAR 5 - 502 Yards

PAR 5 - 472 Yards

PAR 3 - 212 Yards

PAR 4 - 382 Yards

PAR 3 - 188 Yards

PAR 4 - 387 Yards

PAR 4 - 394 Yards

PAR 4 - 338 Yards

PAR 4 - 316 Yards

PAR 5 - 481 Yards


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Oak Bay was conceived by Shawn Watters, a noted Ontario architect and the man behind numerous golf designs, including The Quarry Golf Club. Shawn has worked on projects throughout Ontario, helping renovate many public golf courses. “The art of golf course design is in the creation of memorable golf holes, and unique experiences that have the ability to inspire golfers,” Watters says. We’re convinced at Oak Bay he’s done exactly that.

Nominated as Best New Course in Canada when it opened, Oak Bay remains a delight to play, as well as being a visual feast for the eyes and senses. Try Oak Bay—we’re sure you’ll never forget the incredible holes, amazing vistas, and natural landscape.