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Residences Of Oak Bay Golf & Country Club
Non-Resident Golf Membership

Oak Bay Golf Course Membership

Interested in becoming a member at Oak Bay Golf & Country Club? We offer various membership options under two main categories.

  • RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP - For our valued purchasers of a home in the Oak Bay community, we offer permanent membership with payment of annual dues, preferred membership rates, access to all club and community amenities, and preferred guest rates. Joining fees for resident members are included in the purchase of your home and ensures your membership spot is permanently reserved. Please click here to contact our Real Estate Sales Office for more information on the "Residences of Oak Bay Golf & Country Club".
  • NON-RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP – For our valued patrons who wish to enjoy the golf experience at Oak Bay Golf  & Country Club, we offer various non-resident seasonal membership opportunities in limited quantities that will vary in availability each year. Please click here for our non-resident membership opportunities for the new golfing season.
Oak Bay Golf Course Membership

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